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Kobelt’s solutions are asset-based. We started in 1997 as a fleet sales agent for Transport JC Germain to grow their U.S.-based clientele who shipped cross-border into Canada. The synergy was with our bilingual sales and customer service team. Kobelt has gone on to provide similar solutions to North American asset-based transportation service providers.

We can also offer brokerage and intermodal transportation service through our carriers’ respective logistics divisions to supplement our pool of direct assets.

In 2008 we were acquired by TFI International, Canada’s largest truck-based transportation company and listed in the Top 10 of the Transport Topics Top 100 For-Hire Carriers.

Since the acquisition, we have developed operational synergies with TFI International carriers, enhanced transportation technology, and developed a customer service team that is relentlessly focused on reliability and follow-through.

Thanks to more than 50 terminals at our disposal throughout the United States and Canada, we can meet a broad range of shipping requests. We are able to offer over 1,500 trucks (not including those of our owner, TFI International, having almost 7,000 available power units) and can boast over 121,000 shipments, and more than $230 million in sales to date.

Kobelt services organizations ranging from the top Fortune 500 companies to the small business moving truckload quantities. Whether you’re looking for local, intermodal or cross-border shipping, you can count on Kobelt to deliver.

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